The Drillinginfo Index is the oil and gas industry’s most timely indicator of new oil and gas production trends. The Drillinginfo Index is released several months before production data becomes available through public sources. Far beyond a simple rig count, the Drillinginfo Index uses actual drilling locations along with permit and production data to track industry activity.

A critical tool for tracking rig activity, uncovering changes in drilling and production, and how the determined trends could affect various U.S. markets, the Drillinginfo Index empowers investors, analysts, business owners, operators, policy makers, state and county authorities with the most up-to-date insights about U.S. E&P new drilling operations – greatly enhancing short-term forecasting models.

Proprietary Methodology

By utilizing our proprietary rigs, permits, and production datasets, Drillinginfo is able to uncover trends in well activity, identify newly drilled wells, and estimate their peak production to closely predict changes in new production capacity at the national, county, and operator level.

The combined peak production rate of the newly drilled wells is termed “new production capacity,” and provides a more current summary of the domestic oil and gas landscape than traditional, unintegrated industry metrics.

The Drillinginfo Index

  • Identifies newly drilled wells for the last month, based on Drillinginfo’s rig and permit databases
  • Selects appropriate analog wells for each newly drilled well from Drillinginfo’s production database
  • Predicts peak production volumes of the newly drilled wells, based on the analog wells
  • Aggregates the information at the national, county, and operator level

It is important to note that the Drillinginfo Index does not include declines in existing producing wells. It also does not track new production capacity from the following productive areas: offshore, Alaska, Illinois, and Indiana. The Drillinginfo Index tracks newly drilled wells only; increased production due to recompletions is not included. Finally, not all new well locations are tracked. Coverage of newly drilled wells in the covered states is approximately 80%.

About Drillinginfo

Drillinginfo is the leading SaaS and data analytics company for energy exploration decision support, helping the oil and gas industry achieve better, faster results. The company’s predictive decision platform combines intelligence, analytics, tools, and services in one seamless system to deliver value at every stage of the E&P process.